Would you offer Reed for Baldwin PPR?

Looking to make a trade with the Engram owner since I have Ertz as well as Reed who I drafted in the 15th. With Engram being out and the waiver wire being thin and the EE owner not having a backup TE, I was trying to work out a deal with him but looking at his roster it looks like either the pieces he has are too expensive/non-negotiable or not worth trading for.

SO would you offer Reed for Baldwin straight up? 10 Team PPR w/IR slots?

My WRs: OBJ, JuJu, Sanders, Watkins

Should I ask for a second piece?


That’s really your only shot. I’m finding trades rough still i think people are still thinking they can recover without making required trades. I’m trying to sell an RB and WR and i’m realizing i might be a week too early on my offers. I might need the 1-3 tilt to hit instead of 1-2.

yeah im hopefully moving to 3-0 tonight if juju holds off conner in my matchup and just looking to bolster out my roster a bit more

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Too much/too little?