Would you pick up Dede and drop Forte?

Would you drop Matt Forte? Would you drop Forte and pick up Dede Westbrook?

WR- AJ Green
WR- Dez Bryant
RB- C. Hyde
RB- J. Ajaya
W/R/T- L. Fitzgerald

RB- J. Mixon
RB- J. White
RB- M. Forte
RB- M. Mack
WR- J. Macklin
TE- C. Clay

I wouldn’t because I haven’t seen enough of him to judge him and this week I don’t think there is gonna be many things done thru the air because of the weather

I agree the weather will be bad for the air game. My worrie with Forte is the knee…

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Drop marlon Mack instead :crown:

Mack has potential. If he was to take over that backfield he could be magic. Although the Colts don’t seem to be moving away from Frank. Mack is definitely an option.