Would you pick up Kenyan Drake for John Brown?

RBs: Fournette, Lindsay, Coleman, Malcolm Brown

WRs: Julio, Keenan, A Rob, G Tate, J Brown

No keep John brown, much more valuable than Drake. I would target Henderson if Brown isn’t healthy enough to play this week.

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I’m just concerned about my RB depth.

This week I was planning to roll out with Fournette, Lindsay and Coleman, might play Brown if Gurley is out. Would you play Brown/Henderson instead of Coleman anyway?

Looks like Gurley will probably play, so yeah I would definitely it let play Coleman. If Gurley is 100% out, just keep an eye out in Brown. If Brown is out I would play Henderson and if Brown is playing I think I would play Coleman.

No, Keenan will eventually go off again as he always struggles for a few games and then comes back to life.