Would you pick up Teddy Bridgewater?

Reports show he’s made progress and will most likely be taken off the PUP list. He’ll be eligible week 6 as far as I understand, but will most likely be eased into duty so he wouldn’t start until week 7 or 8 in theory.

My QBs are Siemian & Eli Manning. I’m thinking of dropping Manning for Bridgewater. Thoughts? I need your expert advice! :smiley:

I think Keenum will be the starter for the next few weeks even though Teddy will be able to play. However, dropping Manning is the best move even if you dont pick up Teddy, Manning plays against the Broncos this week and Seahawks next week, avoid playing Eli at all costs

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I think you have some time to hold off on him. I don’t think anyone will be jumping for him immediately. Maybe take a look at him next week and give Eli a week to see how he fares without all the wide receivers.

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I’m thinking the same thing as you, but even when he’s activated… 1) no way he’s going to start because of lack of practice 2) how well is that knee going to hold up? We saw what happened to Sammy Sleeves… Pick him up and stash him in your IR for now if you have a spot. But do not waste a bench spot on him until a few weeks.

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Thanks for the help y’all.

I’m probably going to hold off b/c I’m 99% sure no one in my league listens to this show or is addicted to FFB like I am. :grimacing: #noshame #butIhaveaproblemthough

I think I’m safe to wait it out.