Would you pull the trigger?

I have an offer on the table where I would get Mike Evans and Freeman for Tate and Gurley. It is a full point PPR league and my team is 7-1 working on getting ready for the playoffs.

Would you do it?

Normally I would say if it isn’t broke don’t fix it and RBs are tough to come by. But…Mike Evans does have a pretty sweet playoff schedule and Freeman is a solid but not spectacular RB. This one might be a coin flip for me but I would probably pull the trigger on it depending on roster make up. What other RBs and WR do you have?

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My other RB’s are shaky

RB’s -
Buck Allen

WR’s -
Corey Davis

I feel like your getting better value with the trade but its hard to let go of Gurley. Plus Freeman got a little banged up last week so hopefully its not a ROS issue he’s dealing with. If all healthy, its a toss up. Better overall value is evans and freeman, but gurley has been too good.

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I would do it. But part of my decision is also based on that I traded Gurley after week 1 for Gronk, and am kind of hoping Gurley’s production slows down a bit.

Absolutely not. Keep gurley…

Look at it this way. Tate is a little banged up but he’s still pretty consistent in a passing offense. Evans does have the big play ability but I just think Gurley is that much better than Freeman

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Keep in mind Gurley has a brutal playoff schedule as well… might push the needle towards doing the trade

I’d take the trade. I feel like the drop off from Gurley to Freeman is more than compensated for in the drop off between Evans and Tate. Plus Gurley playoff Schedule is brutal.