Would you rather? Dyanasty foursome

Dynasty quadrant

Hopkins, Howard, Penny, Jeffery
Julio, Cook, Fournette, Edelman

Humble brags pending…

As of right now, the Hopkins side by a fair amount. It gets a bit closer for me is Cook is back and fully recovered, no knee issues and plays like he did last year but still the Hopkins side.

Howard will be good this year and going forward I think he’s underated, Penny should have all the opportunity and volume to get good numbers, and Alshon is the main WR on a high powered, good team and will be in that situation for likely the rest of his career of note.

Team two with Julio, he’s a stud but time isn’t on his side now vs Hopkins in dynasty I take hop. Cook, volume and durability questions as above, Fournette stud but does get the odd niggle and may not be the three down guy forever, and Edelman again age and injuries plus a likely suspension he won’t be a big factor much longer possibly even this year.

Hopkins side by q wide margin. Well, I shouldnt say wide like that. At first, it’s not so bad. But dynasty makes it hard to say no to it. 2 solid RB2 options, Jeffery who is sneaky good option for q few years, and the guy who is in talk for being the best WR for the next 5 years.

I love Julio, cook, and fournette for a good few years. But every single one of them have injury problems. I dont mind having 1, maybe 2 of them. But 4 guys with injury history, and recent injury history? But I get it, two potential RB1s and Julio, with some Edelman potential, it sounds alright. But hopkins side still has young RBs, they may not be an good, but they are healthy and will be there every week.

pretty even to me, I think I do like the cook/fournette combo with Julio a little bit more though

Julio = Hopkins - it’s only even due to age. Julio is much better.

Cook > Howard

Fornette > Penny

Jeffrey > Edelman

I’d take the Julio side.

I’m honestly shocked by some of these responses. Don’t get me wrong, I understand things like injury risks or age, but I don’t think we need to blow things out of proportion. Sure, Hopkins is a top 2 guy THIS year according to most dynasty rankings, but beyond that you have a non-pass catcher in Howard, an unproven rookie with a bad o-line and a team on the decline, and Jeffery who while a red zone threat for the Super Bowl champs, is no slouch on injuries himself. And none of those three guys fall within the top 25 on most dynasty boards.

Julio, Fournette, and Cook are all top 15 OVERALL dynasty picks depending on the site, and Edelman is ole reliable for Brady (half point per reception btw) with no Cooks or Amendola anymore. Y’all are drinking some kool-aid in my opinion.

I’ll toot my own hype train horn here, but over a series of trades I took team Hopkins and turned it into team Julio. So I wasn’t actually comparing one team vs another, I was boasting about what I had thought was drastically improving my own. I got Brady (stack) and Luck as my QBs and Trey Burton as my tight end. My next best player as my Flex2 would probably be Cobb who could easily bounce back with Rodgers playing a full season again. My bench is full of plenty of other good now and later options too. I know the season and rosters will fluctuate as it always does, but I believe I’m set up for championship or bust this year, if not for the next couple of years.

P.S. to quote the ballers “you should try to win every year, don’t put so much stock in the future.” I would rather be in contention for the next 3-4 years than hope guys like Howard and Penny pan out in that same time span. Lacy, Dixon, RG3, Harvin, Blackmon, must I keep going?

I get your view on it and to be honest you could probably win now with either foursome. My take, to put it a different way - week to week consistency wise the Hopkins side has Penny as a red flag because he is unknown and there are concerns with team situation as well. The Julio side, both Julio and Edelman (2016 numbers) are less consistent week to week points scored than Hopkins and Jeffrey coupled with the poor offensive coordinator in Atlanta and Edelman missing time, getting older and a recent serious injury not a minor one means I’d much rather have Hopkins and Edelman.

Fournette vs Howard, can’t argue that Fournette was better, but with the new coaching in Chicago and the fact there are more weapons there i believe this will help Howard become more consistent week to week as a low end 1. Yes Howard can’t catch but Fournette isn’t exactly setting the world on fire with his receiving ability either so they are both 1st, 2nd, short yard and goaline guys for me.

Cook is the tough one, he’s played 4 games as a pro and was good in three of them then had a serious injury (serious injury number two for guys on team Julio) and we’ve yet to see him play again since. Also he has a very capable running back in Murray as we saw last year when healthy who will get work in an uneven timeshare with Cook and potential, given his penchant for the touchdowns, to take the goaline carries away which isn’t what you want to see. So i’m not as happy with Howard and Penny over Fournette and Cook but it’s mainly Fournette i’m missing here, Cook we almost need to start again with him and calm down a bit with his value. I’ll gamble with Penny having a very consistent 1 and 2 WR in Hopkins and Jeffrey and a likely more consistent if lower weekly ceiling Howard at RB. Plus Penny as a trade chip everyone is into hype and upside, Cook as a trade chip most people are cautious because of injury and volume concerns now - if nothing else you could get more for Penny+ and get a better RB2 in with Howard that you’d be more comfortable with over a rookie.

I’m loving the takes for sure, makes me reconsider how highly I valued everyone I received. I honestly thought I was asking a no-brainer, retorical question. Still happy about my new lineup though. I forgot to mention Keenan Allen is my other wideout as well. So Brady, Julio, Allen, Cook, Fournette, Burton, Edelman, and Cobb are my starters in a perfect, injury/suspension free world.

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