Would You Rather - Dynasty League

Which team/starters would you rather have in a standard scoring dynasty league?

Team A:
Jimmy G
David Johnson
Leonard Fournette
D Hop
Michael Thomas
Melvin Gordon
Zach Ertz

Team B:
Andrew Luck
Mike Evans
Delanie Walker
Demaryius Thomas

Team B for me!

Jimmy G < Andrew Luck
David Johnson < Zeke
Leonard Fournette < Gurley
D Hop < OBJ
Michael Thomas < Mike Evans
Melvin Gordon > Demaryius Thomas
Zach Ertz > Delanie Walker

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almost identical, except i would rather have hopkins.

This one is close for me, but I’d have to go with A, and the swing is that I simply do not have any faith that we’ll ever see peak Andrew Luck again, or if we do, that it will be sustainable (for health reasons) on one of the worst rosters and one of the most poorly managed teams in the league. I’ve also been bullish on Jimmy G for a while. I think he’s going to be legitimately great.

As for player side by sides:
Jimmy G > Luck
DJ = Zeke
Fornette < Gurley
DHop = OBJ – depending on when you ask me, I’ll like one more than the other, and may change my mind the next hour. That’s how close I think these two are.
Thomas > Evans - also close
Gordon > DT
Etrz > Walker

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I going to say pretty much the same thing as everyone else, team A; although, my player by player is a little different simply because its standard scoring:

Jimmy G > Luck
DJ < Zeke (slightly because of TD upside in standard)
Fornette < Gurley
DHop > OBJ (slightly because of TD upside in standard)
Thomas = Evans
Gordon >> DT (Running backs are a premium in standard)
Ertz > Walker

In PPR it would be closer, but still would be team A

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I think team A is slightly better, the top players are slightly better for team B, but the players at the end have a larger margin between them
Jimmy G < Luck
David Johnson < Zeke
Fournette < Gurley
D Hop = OBJ
Michael Thomas > Mike Evans
Melvin Gordon > D Thomas
Ertz > Walker