Would you rather have terry mclaurin or the rookie 1.08?

Dynasty, got offered the 1.08 for scary terry

you know there’s a sayin’ each with their own? but my personal preference is terry

roster, superflex?

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in a vacuum i am going with the pick. mainly because i am unsure what WAS is doing.

with some context as asked above, it might be McLaurin. i do quite like his talent. but the 1.08 could be used to add in at a position of need with a solid player. as @JarekF21 asked, those pieces will definitely help the answer.

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Non super flex league
Carson only playable rb right now due to trading out lev bell
Also have the 1.03 and 1.10

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You are stacked at WR! I would move McLaurin for the 1.08. You can either get another WR or RB at the 1.08. Or you can move the 1.08 for a piece you want. That is a fairly sought after pick, and after the combine it will be more wanted.

Clearly you are needing RB depth. Is that the D Williams on your IR? If so, that is a nice short term, but I would be looking to grab 2 RB now to fill that gap. I love Carson more than most people, but even I am not sure how long he stays in that role. Probably this next year, maybe two. After that I think he could be on the way out. I sure hope not, but if the injuries continue it will be hard to keep him in that role for SEA. If he looks fabulous, controls the fumbles (which was weird) and stays healthy this changes things. Thus far he has not shown this outcome. I hope he changes it. D Williams in KC is older and was not good last season. Playoffs, sure. Regular season. Not so much. I like the RB in KC, but he might not have much more time there.

IMHO I make that trade and do not worry about it. Just my thoughts. Hope it helps!

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I think with the way your team is right now, you should keep Terry (you wouldn’t be selling him at his peak value). Your qb, rb, and te spot is very weak. Since you wont be able to contend right away, I would be looking at selling Julio Jones, and even Tyreek Hill. Make sure you get solid value on them.
You are rebuilding the correct way. Getting stacked at wr is the most difficult and you have done it.
Also, draft best value available, even if it isn’t your biggest need.

Scary Terry is the much safer play here.

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