Would you rather have, tier break

In a 0.5 point linear draft keeper league I’m getting Ajayi and Drake for a 7th and 12th respectively. The way other owners have kept my 5th pick is 1st overall.

Would you rather have Barkley and an Allen, Evans, Diggs or take a tier 1 WR in Beckham, Hopkins, Julio and get a Mixon, Henry, McKinnon?

Barkley and allen is the side I like

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Agree i like the Barkley and Allen side the most

Same as the other two people I’d go Barkley and Allen. Barkley’s workhorse potential is too much to pass up on and Allen should be a top 10 WR this year.

I like it a lot if I get Allen but I’m concerned that 9 picks later he’ll be gone. Allen is the best case I think looking at the players available. He’s the 9th player in the rankings