Would you rather have

Pierre, Robby Anderson or Sammy Watkins rest of season. Pierre is on the waiver wire right

Tough one but probably Pierre. Robby is good but just a little too boom bust for me right now which could change, I loved him with McCown. I had Watkins as a stash myself but recently dropped him. Just doesn’t look good to me when I watched him

I’d take robby

I’m still holding Watkins for at least another week on most of my teams personally. I am not saying he’s the top option but so much offense was put up in that last game on so few passes that I really want to see what his splits will be with a somewhat ‘normal’ game flow.

If it’s PPR I like Garcon, but not too much this week up against Slay.

Anderson I am not sure what happens. It wasn’t favorable, but that is another game with returns and defensive scores and a lot of stuff going on where Darnold didn’t have to throw too many passes. He clearly looks to be favoring Enunwa though.

All three of these guys are in WR2 territory. I personally like Watkins better just because of Andy Reid’s offense., but they have really only been able to support two 1000 receivers generally speaking and one of them is the TE. This comes down to touchdown upside from there and I like KC to score more than SF or NYJ.