Would you rather have?

Trying to trade AP for Woods Golladay or James White. Which of the 3 do you think would be the best to get and would the trade be fair?

whats your squad? and scoring system?

RBs Kamara Lynch Lewis Hyde AP
WRs Edelman Gordon Adams Cole Godwin
TE Gronk
QBs Cousins and Mahomes
Scoring system is full ppr

Golladay would be the best, whether or not it will go through IDK, I probably wouldn’t trade Golladay for AP but I view AP as a guy who will wear down as the season goes on

Golladay or Woods - I like them about the same. AP would surprise me if he played all season.

I like Golladay for fullppr

You could try to package him with Gordon hype and go for something bigger maybe.