Would you rather, scary question

Just listened to the ballers latest podcast, I have Boyd and alshon, should i trade either of them for OBJ?

100% trade either or both or both + more for OBJ. OBJ is still a buy low man.

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Lynch/Hyde and Gordon/Edelman too little to offer for OBJ???

I wanna keep Alshon if I can. Wentz locked in on him. I’d move Boyd and someone to get OBJ and place him beside Alshon. Yummy.

I’m assuming you mean josh Gordon. As an OBJ owner, I would turn down that trade pretty quickly but that’s cause I just understand the true value of OBJ. The target volume is there. He’ll have some down games, but all WRs do. So far as far as I’m concerned, he’s still a stud. Only other WRs i would take above OBJ right now are MT, AB and Nuk.

But if you’re targeting an RB needy team, maybe they’re desperate and want to sell low on OBJ and you get it through. Doesn’t hurt to try.

My only concern with OBJ, he’s a huge talent, but it appears any time Eli goes downfield he’s under throwing him. His deep passes have that ‘float’ tendency. Having a bad QB, a RB as a focus on this team for the 1st time in a minute, no OLine, I’ll be in the happy minority to not pay full price for a volatile WR. PPR, he has a safer floor, standard no way paying ‘true value’ for a guy poised to have a down year. Get him on the cheap, worth a gamble, but paying full price for anyone in this O not named Barkley is crazy.

Definitely risks involved. But let’s step back for a second. Eli has not been good for half a decade. OBJ has been carrying him the entire time. And last year, the giants also had a bad oline and eli was still throwing floaters and trash throws. Part of the reason for struggles this year also has to do with new coach, new scheme etc. Going to take some time to get used to. I do expect Shurmur to make some adjustments though. Honestly, they should be adopting Mike McCarthy’s slant only play book. Line up OBJ in 3-4 WR set bunches and just keep running slants. He’ll break one.

Also, you’re not paying true value. Getting OBJ for someone like Boyd and Jeffrey? If I told you that before the season, you’d think I was crazy. That is a buy low. No one is saying to go out and pay Kareem hunt for him. We’re talking players who are much lower tier here. And OBJ has a floor which is as good if not better than other WRs right now. No games below 7 points in half ppr scoring. 2 games with 15+ and one game with 30+. And we’re all acting like the sky is falling? Over reaction imo.

PPR he’s a safer target. Watching the giants games, the thing that really worries me is Eli has no zip on his passes downfield. Like none. And when he tries to, the passes sail. Eli is in check down mode with this line and Engram back next week is just another check down options for him. OBJ is one of my favorite players, just with the team make up, how bad Eli’s arm has looked, OBJ is a tough target. As good as he is, no oline and bad QB play has killed many a WR seasons. OBJ has Atl next week, so cheap side no one is going to miss that game who have suffered drafting OBJ.

agree with you there. He hasn’t had zip on his passes for 5 years though. I’m just betting on OBJ to overcome. may be wrong with this, but I’ll happily die on the OBJ hill this year. Worst case scenario, I think he’s 2017 AJ green, who was still a low end WR1. Best case scenario, he goes back to what he’s always been. A stud. It’s definite high risk, buy-lows typically are all high risk cause you’re zigging when everyone else is zagging.

What if i traded Phillip Lindsay and Tyler Boyd Full PPR for OBJ?

Still robbery. Based on your thread and these trade combos you’re proposing, going to go out on a limb here and say any of the combo’s you currently have in your mind, is probably a lowball and I would take it if the other side is willing.

Honestly you’re paying for a J Laundry in Mia type season this year. Paying for a previous OBJ type season is where I’d draw the line. Eli has had issues in the past with his arm, but could occasionally have zip, but was inconsistent. Now he just has zero zip or down field accuracy. Engram and the RB’s are going to steal WR targets this year.

I’d keep Alshon and Boyd. OBJ is good and he’ll produce rest of season. Even though the Giants Oline has been subpar, Saquon ultimately gives OBJ more opportunities. But Alshon is a on a much better offense and when healthy and with an up-to-speed Wentz, he’s arguably the main scoring option on a Pederson offense.
And Boyd? He’s a monster on an offense that’s been on a roll.
It’s a great trade but I like what you’re offering more than what you’d be getting.


OBJ is locked for the week, and OBJ owners aren’t missing the Atl game. This week you aren’t going to get cheap. PPR leagues OBJ is keeping his value with the short grabs, if you can get him cheap I’d gamble… but would you rather target guys like Allen, Cooks vs OBJ? I feel Allen and Cooks would come cheaper and safer plays

I have targeted both Allen and Cooks. Cooks was my #1 buy low candidate after week one. I think that buy low opportunity has some what passed us by.

Allen is also another buy low candidate for me. I don’t see how you can say Allen is a buy low when OBJ isn’t though. Similar to Barkley eating into targets, Gordon/Ekeler have been eating a lot into Allen’s targets. So lot of the same rules apply. I love both players and right now people are panicking more on OBJ than Allen even though he’s actually had pretty decent games in any ppr formats (i don’t play standard so don’t really care much the discussion there). I think both are still buy lows and even though eli sucks, he’ll still hit on some downfield passes. He did yesterday, and did the week before that to OBJ on that TD pass which was a dime.

I think you can get both for similar costs, maybe slightly higher on OBJ and I’m more than willing to buy both of them.

Simply Allen has Rivers and a better O. OBJ , I’ve been targeting, no luck on cheap. Everyone wants full value with his upcoming schedule. OBJ could be a top 5 WR by end of the season, but given the year of QB/WR so far, wouldn’t be surprised him ending up around the 20 range. At the end of the day, OBJ is a dangerous target because he is a supreme talent, but he’s similar to me as DJ. And he’s apparently the best QB on the team, . :wink:

This is 100% accurate.

Means the OBJ owner probably knows what they’re doing. But from what I’ve seen on here generally, I’ve seen some pretty absurd stuff go through. So just saying it doesn’t hurt to try for people like this OP. Who thought Jeffrey/Boyd would be fair trade proposals. Saw a couple of Lynch for OBJ 1 to 1 trades go through or Lynch + depth for OBJ. IMO, those are robberies.

That’s ridiculous. Lynch I’d be selling ASAP obviously at 32 with his start, but for OBJ is ridiculous. I never see deals go through like that. Leagues I’m in are highly competitive. Those offers generally get you crickets and ignored the rest of the season.

Same here. I prefer it cause it’s more fun. But just saying I’ve see that type of trade go through multiple times now. So it wasn’t an isolated case. So that’s why I’m on these forums saying go out and buy OBJ. Might not have to pay full value.

The only piece of the Giants offense I like is Barkley, otherwise you could not give those players away to me. OBJ will be good next week, but that’s it really. I think they’re offense is too much of a liability for me to confidently take a risk on OBJ. And I am thin at receiver after some stupid moves and I still wouldn’t take him for free…

I feel way more confident in Diggs, Thielen, Kupp, Woods, Cooks, Jeffery, and Hill than I do playing OBJ…

Wait for next week against Atlanta, and when he has a monster stat week, trade him.