Would you rather scrap for RBs or WRs?

If you drafted a team that is solid in all areas but thin at either RB or WR, which of those positions would you feel better about having to beef up during the season through waiver wire or trades?

I’ve been thinking about this question after doing several mock drafts and feeling like it’s hard to be good at both positions without really falling behind in other areas. My best graded drafts have been when I’m thinner at WR, but I think there’s more volatility at RB which means you can acquire good RBs when a stud goes down and his replacement is suddenly “the guy”.

What do you think?

Redraft? WR For sure.

I guess as I think about it, I would rather “stream” a WR than a RB. You can exploit certain matchups with WRs, like a slot receiver going up a particular defense or a #2 WR who is going up against a rookie DB.

My league, though, starts 3 WRs, 2 RBs and a flex, so I feel like I need to not sleep on that position. It’s only an 8-team league which means there are always players to choose from if you need to pick one up.

Just did a mock where I tried zero RB strategy. Grabbed Julio, then AJ Green, then Diggs. 4th round could have had Guice or A. Collins. 5th took Royce Freeman. Grabbed Burkhead, etc. later. It felt ok, but I always feel bummed missing out on RB anchors in early rounds. Tough question that I am also wrestling with in certain formats. Generally, I favor streaming WR.

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I’ve kind of come to the conclusion that I want to get one tier 1 or tier 2 RB. If AB falls to me in the first round, say 6 or 7, I would take him, but then try to get at least 1 good RB in the second round. I generally like taking a QB late, but in my league people draft QB early and often so you have to move in at the right time to not get shut out of the top 15 or 20.

If this is redraft, I’d rather have stud RBs. Some of the top tier RBs usually give you 2 players in one. An RB1 and a WR3 and are guaranteed to get touches. WRs with the exception of maybe Brown/OBJ/Nuk have higher likelihood of busting given their dependence on the QB and their production is always at risk of the injury x 2 for the 2 players compared to RB.

This may not answer your question but in my opinion it is easier to find a ‘high upside’ RB on waivers than a ‘high upside’ WR.

RBs like Kamara/Lewis,/Collins in 2017 and Howard/Ajayi in 2016 were picked up from the waiver wire and helped you win games or championships.

Typically there are lots of WRs available on waivers, but very few that can provide enormous upside.

That said, here is a great article about RBs on waivers.

And this doen’t conflict with all answers above. RB is critical during the draft!

Yea, would rather draft better RBs early. Think it is easier to find talent in the later rounds and off the waiver wire with WRs rather than RBs.

Looking at ADP for a standard 12 team league, for rounds 8-10 RBs you are looking at are Chubb, Crowell, CJ Anderson, Jamaal Williams, Aaron Jones, Chris Thompson, Donta Foreman, Blount, Corey Clement, Ty Montgomery. WRs in rounds 8-10 are Marquise Goodwin, Randall Cobb, Allen Hurns, Robert Woods, Pierre Garcon, DeVante Parker, Cooper Kupp, Robby Anderson, Kelvin Benjamin, Jamison Crowder, Calvin Ridley, Nelson Agholor.
I would much rather be picking from those WRs as opposed to the RBs


I have done several mocks for my 12-team Superflex 1/2 PPR league and have concluded, that based on the way my league drafts, I will almost certainly go RB/RB/QB for the first 3 rounds (I pick 1.01)

I usually don’t have a WR1 I feel great about, but I am able to get quite a few guys I like as WR2 and WR3…and I think that is good enough to win as long as your RBs are studs

That was a helpful article. Thank you for the link.

Does it change your opinion that my league starts 3 WRs and 2 RBs? The last two years I went WR heavy and got good value on RBs later and/or off the waiver wire. But based on my mock drafts this year I’m thinking I need at least 1 RB in the first 2 rounds if not 2 in the first 3.

I’ve always had at least 6 WRs on my roster and later in the year I can almost always work a trade for a RB or QB because people tend to go thin at WR even though we start 3 plus a flex.

Starting 3 WRs doesn’t change it for me. But every league is different. Play to your league.

I would not base a strategy off one years good results. Every year in the NFL is different.

3 WR and 2 RB shifts the math slightly, but not drastically. WR is still more replacable.

The draft favors scrapping for WRs; there’s more mid to late round gold at WR than there is at RB.

The waiver wire tends to be where you can scrap for RBs a little more easily, due to injuries and a pretty clear cut indication of who will be asked to step up. But every year there’s a handful of WRs who come from the waiver wire and are productive and consistent.

But I question the wisdom of approaching the draft with the attitude that you’re going to have to scrap for either.

It’s possible to have a well-rounded draft. Just be prepared, alert, and flexible! Good luck!