WOULD YOU RATHER... Sony Michel -or- Mark Ingram?

For rest of season-- in a redraft league. Standard scoring. Thanks.

Michel, I don’t think Ingram is used as much/often as he was last night honestly. But both are extremely similar situation wise and use wise. I just like younger legs to prevail over the older ones coming off of a PED suspension.

That is a tough choice.

Based on what we saw last night (small sample size ik) it appears that ingram + Kamara are going to be the same 1-2 punch they were last year.

Michele and James white do the exact same things, same 1-2 punch, but at a slightly lesser level. a 1a and 1b kinda situation (in my eyes)

In that case, you have to give the SLIGHT advantage to the ingram side

Its honestly a wash, if you can secure a better piece in a package trade go ahead and make the swap.

I like Ingram there if I had the choice. It’s close, but I think the edge is pretty firmly with Ingram. Esp if it’s PPR.