Would you rather...?

Have AB or Hopkins and McCaffrey, or Kamara/M. Thomas ?

kamara and MT. love AB, he isnt worth that much to lose what should be at least a high end RB2 either way, and a WR1. love hopkins, but not so much more than MT that i have to have him either. CMC is looking up, but the pure potential of kamara is deadly. the combo of steady production and explosive potential is fantastic with kamara MT.

I’d go AB and McCaffrey especially if ppr. I honestly just dont see AK having the season he did last year, despite what Andy might say. I can see it going full blown time share once Ingram comes back…

I think ur forced to avoid Kamara and Thomas because they’re on the same team. But they are projected to have great years soooo U can’t go wrong either way I suppose

kamara and michael thomas. better value overall