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Would You Rather


10 team PPR league, 1 keeper and I have the 5th pick. I’m keeping DJ as a 4th rounder and have no 5th round pick (traded away last season). So I’ll have nobody to pick in the 4th and 5th rounds.

So given I have DJ locked up, would you rather start with McCoy or Freeman in the 1st and Hilton or Thomas in the 2nd, or Green in the 1st and either Fournette or Crowell in the 2nd?

My first thought would be to grab Green so I have a top WR and RB, but there also seems to be a lot of value in locking up 2 top every down RBs. Those guys are rare.



If you have DJ, I would go for Green. Starting with DJ, Green would be an excellent start. I would even consider drafting 2 WRs right off the bat depending who is on the board.


I would go Green.


I would aim for Freeman and Michael Thomas. I think next year at this time we’ll be talking about Thomas as an elite WR


I would go RB first. Like you said having 2 star RB’s is awesome. Last year I had Bell and Elliott. If you could have DJ and McCoy or freeman that would be a beast start! You can always see what WR falls to you second round but McCoy and freeman will not be there that’s for sure.


I agree with Swingshot64 take a stud RB first and then pick up Michael Thomas, who is also a pretty studly receiver. :+1:


you dont lose either way. although it is not often that i pass on aj green, this is one of those times where i probably do. haveing 2 stud RBs is just way too valuable. and its not like if you get thomas, you are stepping down 3 teirs of WRs. for me he is in the next one down, and first on that list. so grab you your second RB1, and be happy that you can get a WR1 to go with it. cheers!


Great - thanks all for the great advice. We’ll see what falls to me, but I’m likely to pick the high end RB first.