Would you start 3 players on the same team?

Hey footclan im in a .5 ppr league and i have the wentz and ertz stack in my lineup right now. However, i am torn between my FLEX spot because i can choose between Julien Edelman or DeSean Jackson. Everyone is hyping up jackson and edelman was listed on the injury report as well as coming into a new offense… who would you choose?

Depends on the make-up of your roster…Edelman did practice today. I’d hate to miss Djax’s big day so I’d probably go with him. We don’t know what the Pats look like now.

I have Josh Jacobs, Ekeler, Odell beckam and cooper kupp in my lineup… pretty safe iff you ask me

Edelman is a PPR beast and should see alot of targets from Cam this week, Jackson does have that Deep Range threat but i think that makes your team lean on Wentz to much.

Same boat as I have Ryan , Hurst and the kicker Koo lol.

Depends on the team/positions. I have 3 Ravens- Jackson/Andrews stack+Ingram

Reports are that Reagor’s good to go so DJax may not pay off as much as expected now.