Would you start Benny Snell Jr as flex over Singletary

12 team 6 point QB standard league.

Benny Snell vs Dolphins

James Conner is going to play as well. You think Snell can get more play than him to avoid Conner from injuries?

I have Singletary but he did bad vs dolphins and dont think it will get any better vs eagles.

What you guys think?

Andy, Mike and Jason say start Devin, and I would follow their advice if it were me.

I think Snell has more potential upside given the match-ups involved, but he could just as easily give you a big goose egg. Singletary will likely give you a single-digit result against the Eagles, so it really is going to depend on how good you feel about the rest of your team. If you are up against a tough opponent and your only hope is to swing for the fences, you may have to roll the dice with Snell, just be prepared to get burned. But if you aren’t going to win with Singletary anyway, why not! If your match-up isn’t as tough and you just need a warm body out there to get you a few points to make sure you don’t get upset, Singletary is your man.

All that being said, Singletary’s match-ups get a lot better in coming weeks (Washington week 9, Miami week 11). I know he didn’t do a lot last week against Miami, but he was also coming off an injury. I’m really hopeful he starts getting used more regularly in the second half of the season, he’s a dynamic player and the Bills are in good shape to make a run at the playoffs.

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