Would you start BOTH jj and Larry vs cowboys?

My team looks like:
Alex smith
Zeke Elliott
Antonio Brown
Larry the legend
Jordan reed
JJ nelson
Eagles Def
Justin tucker

Tevin coleman
Kendal wright
Jordan Howard
Isiah Crowell
Trevor Siemian
Ravens def
Charles Clay

I actually have the the same ? Maybe we can help each other. That’s what I’m planning on doing my other WR choices are DJAX, and Funchess I’m already going to start Hopkins

I’d either ride with both Or i think the only other real choice you have is Crow

So you’re going to be set up like
JJ flex ?

That’s what I thought I feel like my guys are better rising the bench this week. I feel like nelson and Larry are going to be very involved

Yes that’s the plan

I agree with your assessment
What do you think about mine?

I agree 100% I think it’s the most viable options from the ones you got. Roll with both I think it’s gonna work

I also have Chris Thompson

I have a very similar team as well.

I have Larry, Reed, JJ Nelson, and Tevin Coleman.

I was planning on putting Nelson as my WR2 (Larry as a backup in case Nelson is injured and can’t play) and Coleman in Flex. The Falcons vs Lions game should be very high scoring and Coleman has a solid floor and IMO has better TD opportunities.

I can see Larry producing but I’ve had a hard time trusting Larry. He can see tons of passes but then he has dud games. Thoughts?

Also, keep tabs on Reed in case he can’t play. I plan on picking up Vernon Davis as a backup. Not ideal but might have to.