Would you start Conner over

Would you start Conner over Zeke or Barkley? This league has no flex so unfortunately, I am in a pickle… a good pickle (:

Good pickle for sure. I’m not a huge fan of starting two RBs whos teams are playing against each other. Just a personal preference so I would play Conner and Barkley but its a tough call for sure.

Interesting… Idk if I can sit my first pick in zeke

No. I’m not benching Zeke. Even though that offense makes me want to throw up.

Can you try trading conner + someone for an upgrade at WR? If so, I would do that.

I will try something like that after week 4 wanna get the most out of Conner

I don’t get it. You’re not starting conner over Zeke and Barkley. How are you going to get the “most” out of conner? Also if Lev bell comes back next week, you’re getting nothing. Don’t get that logic but to each their own.

Longer you wait less value he is. His value won’t be higher than just after going for 200 yards and 2 TDs when everyone thinks bell is holding till week 10.

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no one will pay the price that I want for him right now, I will wait until I can flip him + something else for a WR1

As disgusting as it feels…with the match ups and usage you have to play Conner this week and sit either Zeke or Saquon. Gut says play Zeke at home but it’s a toss up…

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His value will never be higher than it is right now IMO

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I would target the Lev Bell owner. Conner would probably be the most valuable to them. But I agree, if you want to move him, now is the time.

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You’re mistaken if you think his value will go up as the season goes on. He most likely had one of his best gams of the season and right now, the general sentiment is bell won’t be back till week 10. It’s unlikely you’ll be getting an elite WR for him further down the road once he has harder match-ups lol.

Depending on what that something else is, you could probably flip him right now for a pretty good WR upgrade which you can use directly in your line up instead of having points sit on your bench.

Your logic of waiting and flipping doesn’t really check out. If Bell shows up this month, or if he has a bad game, you’re going to be eating crow. If no one is paying the price you want for him, you’re price expectations are probably too high and you’re looking to trade rape someone. You’re not going to get a Keenan Allen for Conner.

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