Would you stash Luck?

Andrew Luck was just dropped in my league - I have Wentz and Newton so could use some improvement at QB. Obviously no guarantee that Luck returns to form but thinking that grabbing him and stashing might be a smart move. Thoughts?

Would either drop Wentz/Newton or one of my depth players like Marvin Jones Jr.

Standard scoring.

I would definitely stash him. I would drop some depth player, depends on how many bench spots you have though. Or Newton, and stream until then.

My team right now is:

QB: Wentz, Newton
RB: Freeman, Hyde, Martin, Cohen
WR: (Jordy) Nelson, Jeffery, Parker, Jones Jr., Moncrief
TE: Ertz
K: Bryant, Zuerlein (with ATL on bye)
DST: Arizona

We start 1QB/2WR/2RB/1TE/1FLEX/1K/1DST

Moncrief is also kind of a stash until Luck returns - so really eyeing either a QB drop (12 teams so not much available to stream) or Jones Jr. who has been riding the bench pretty well all season so far.

You don’t need two kickers, I’d drop one. Stream them.

After this week I will hold only Bryant - he is solid year round rather than worrying about streaming the position - just on Bye this week.

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2 QB league yes, but 10 person No. it will take a few weeks to get going and rebuild strength. Weeks 13-16 look tough. I drafted and dropped him. Bye weeks are coming and other qbs will be dropped or he will still be there. Or maybe someone will drop a RB to get him.

i agree with the other stash him for and hope by week 8 he is at all cylinders.

help with mine please…

I’m not on the Luck bandwagon this year. Too many unknowns about how his arm strength and accuracy will come back. Then add to it that his offensive line is pretty poor and the schedule is brutal for him. No thanks… there are safer options out there on most leagues.

I understand the concerns but would it not be worth stashing just to see IF I could get solid value later in the season? With Wentz and Newton, it is hard to feel confident at QB, and there isn’t much available in terms of weekly streaming options.

Bumping this back up for more feedback.
Put a waiver claim to drop Jones Jr. for Luck, but wondering if I shouldn’t bother

I drafted luck as a backup to Russell Wilson and I still have him against others advice. I also have Wentz for Wilsons bye next week and although it hurts to roster 3 QBs, just my personal feelings feel as though it will pay off in the long haul. I see luck coming back week 7 an hitting his stride weeks 8-10 although I still will have Wilson for the playoffs (weeks 14-16) god willing I get back there

This is kind of what I am thinking/hoping. My starters have been solid and could get me to playoffs. Despite Newton’s struggles and having Wentz as a backup (now starter?), I am 3-1, losing only to the team currently 4-0 (Kareem Hunt owner week 1 :/) and currently projected to win week 5. With strong starters, I don’t need to dig into my depth players much, so could roster 3 QBs until things clear up a bit.

Smart owners not only prepare for the week but prepare for the season. If you can honestly say that you would start moncrief or jones jr. confidently in your line up then don’t do it. But it seems you are trying to patch up a weak spot on your roster and practicing patience, so I am all for it. I caught some tough luck lately as I am 2-2 and have scored the most points in my league but each week have played the highest scorer or 2nd highest scorer lol. It’s the most talented roster I’ve ever had and it’s frustrating to score 118 in standard scoring last week and still lose lol. Keep on trudging brother

Even though I know you said you don’t necessarily want to I would still drop Bryant and stash Luck…Bryant may be a decent kicker season long but there’s others and a real good chance he’s still on the wire even after this week…but I wouldn’t have a problem with dropping Jones jr either since you’re unlikely to actually use him outside of an injury if Luck Comes back as luck you’re sitting pretty and you have trade bait in your 3rd qb since you said they’re harder to come by…

And boom - Luck is now on my team. Fingers crossed that he comes back relatively soon and starts playing like he can!

Great question and I’ve been asking that myself, I have:
QB - Prescott and Mariota
RB - Martin, Hunt, Gallman and David Johnson
WR - Hilton, Diggs, Baldwin, Parker, Thomas
TE - Gronk, engram (gronk was injured)
K - I usually stream
D - Minnesota

I really don’t like Thomas and I’ve been trying to trade him for weeks and I still can’t bring myself to drop DJ.

Are you asking whether you should make a move for Luck? Depending on your league, could get some value out of DJ if someone thinks he may be back for playoffs. Or could try to use him for a different RB - you are good on WR.

no - dont waste your time - look at his schedule - especially after the bye week - jacksonville, buffalo, denver and baltimore - 3 of those on the road - his production will be limited by some top 10 defenses you will be playing newton over him most weeks . Unless you can pick him up and trade him but im betting the guy who dropped tried that.

Well - too late, already on my team :slight_smile: BUT, I understand the risk - could be a bust, maybe works out fine, or maybe some trade potential. Guarantee that the guy who dropped him did not send any offers before dropping Luck.

You have a ton of rosters spots tied up in unusable players (2 extra QBs, an extra kicker, a WR you don’t want to play until Luck comes back and an RB who may or may not play again this season). Rostering 2 kickers is just not a good idea, even temporarily. I’d drop Bryant immediately (I also happen to think Zuerlien is a fine option going forward). I’d also strongly consider trying to trade one of your now 3 QBs. Maybe package one with a WR to try to upgrade your WR2.