Would you stash Luck?

Still being relatively new to Fantasy Football, is there much of a difference between “unusable” players that may have some future value vs. “usable” players that ride the bench most, if not all, weeks? While I understand depth can be important (especially if injuries strike), seems like planning for the future or picking up possible (trade) assets isn’t a bad play.

Building assets is certainly important (it’s the whole game, really), but you have to win in the meantime. Byes and injuries are a fact of life, and are being able to survive them is often the difference between making the playoffs and not. Considering that, using up that many roster spots on players you literally cannot use is a big risk. I’m not suggesting you go and drop any or all of these guys (except the extra kicker), they have value, and giving up value for nothing is obviously not great, but I’d suggest trying to use that value to improve your team now.

Fair enough - I may be getting too comfortable with my team (have consistently put up top league numbers) so there is a balance to find here between reaching for later year help and actually making sure I get there.
Thanks for the input.

If anything it’s so no one else gets him and hopefully they try and trade with me

Do you think if I nabbed Luck and then offered Mariota and DJ to someone as a trade or Mariota and Thomas it would fetch a decent trade option?

I’m still pretty new to this wonderful FF game and feel well out of my depth

Depends on who you have at QB while you wait for Luck to (maybe) come back?
DJ still has value as he hasn’t been entirely ruled out for the year so COULD be a playoff upgrade. What you can fetch with that kind of deal will depend on the need of the other team

It’s all about balancing risk. With no risk, you likely don’t get much upside. With too much, well, the problem with too much should be obvious. I’m not convinced Luck will be the same player even once he does come back. He may be, but shoulder surgery is a significant surgery especially for a QB.