Would you take DJ?

I’m looking for a WR1 and have a lot of RB depth.

Only one guy in my league ever seems willing to trade, and I want to offer him something reasonable. He’s got Davante Adams as his 1, with Amari Cooper and Tyler Lockett as his depth. For RB he’s starting Gurley and Mike Davis.

Am I being greedy/unreasonable in wanting to offer him David Johnson plus John Brown for Adams? Is that insulting?

I don’t think its necessarily insulting, but given the low weeks that JBrown had and the fact that he is on a bye he may see the downgrade from Adams -> Brown bigger than the gain from Davis -> Johnson

Would MVS be an insulting package? He’s downgrading WR on the same high powered team and gaining an RB1.

Other than that, I also have Doug Baldwin and Cortland Sutton (which is why I need a WR1)

DJ is a RB2 but neither trade insulting. I would offer both those for Adams.