Would you take Thielen over Robert Woods?

10 team PPR league.

I got offered a trade where it is essentially Thielen for Woods. There were some other pieces but those were what the trade boils down to in my mind.

I have pretty good WR depth with A Rob and Lockett as my other starters with Gallup and Deebo on my bench of needed.

I guess the Thielen owner is underwhelmed with him so far and wants an immediate upgrade for someone who’s started off hot in Woods.

Should I just keep Woods or does anyone think Thielen would be better season long? Thoughts?

I wouldn’t. Woods is too consistent to want to let him go. I have him in multiple leagues and I would only trade him for a good RB2 or better. Thielen is too volatile with that Vikings offense playing as poorly as they are.

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that was kinda my initial thought as well but wanted to gauge other’s opinions.