Would you take this in a dynasty full PPR league?

I receive

  • Austin Ekeler
  • Michael Gallup

They receive

  • A.J. Brown
  • 1.07 rookie pick
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I would take that, i think Brown is very good but a little bit overvalued right now, so I would capitalize on that

I agree that Brown is probably overvalued, that’s why I think this deal is too low. Brown and a first rounder for Ekeler and Gallup alone…I think you could probably get a third item in here.

I would consider that. Gallup is at least equal to AJB, or so close it likely won’t matter, and Ekeler is much better than the 1.07. If you switch those comparisons around, IMHO it is still in your favor.

I would rather try what @stuart_ramsey notes and ask for a 2021 2nd or something. That will likely not matter to the person, but it will be a sweet piece for you next season.

It is not a slam dunk as it stands, but I would still take that offer if the other owner does not want to budge.

Based on the information provided I would not accept that trade.

The chargers are chasing QBs, Rivers is known for dumping the ball off to the RB in his older years. I expect regression for Ekeler towards backend RB1-topend RB2.

Michael Gallup isn’t the #1 on his team. While he’s still a solid WR2 he’s going to be behind Cooper which will hinder his performance.

AJB is the #1 on his team, he’s proven to be lethal with the ball in his hands and while I agree he’s overvalued at the moment, I see his value increasing since his chemistry with Tannehill.

It’s hard to value the 1.07 without knowing league format and team needs, however going on best available talent you’re looking at a WR most likely. Reagor, Jefferson, Higgins… if you wanted a RB you could consider Akers potentially (if your drafting before NFL) or CEH.

That’s just my take, hope it helps!