Would You Take This Trade?

I have an offer in which I trade Devonta Freeman and Sony Michel for Melvin Gordon. I value Gordon slightly more than Freeman, but I lose the upside of Michel. I appreciate your thoughts!

I would take that trade. I value Gordon a lot higher than Freeman

With just that information, I would say no. Not too much a difference between Freeman and Gordon and you are right that there can be upside to Michel.

The only way I would take this trade as is, is if you have a ton of RBs depth in which losing Michel won’t hurt you.

I honestly think the Michel piece is a wash for me, really. Who’s to say how he fits in that offense.

Michel is talented, but New England’s RB situation is always a toss up. Gordon has a slight edge in Freeman in my opinion. But who knows how much Coleman with cut from him this season. I’ll take Gordon!

I would agree that Gordon is the best piece but you got to have depth to trade away 2 RBs. If the rest of your RBs look good, then I would say go for it.

I also don’t think it is out of the realm of possibilities that Freeman has a better year than Gordon which is why without knowing anything else, I would just hold onto the 2 RBs.

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I had both Freeman and Gordon last year, so I saw the bite Coleman took out of his workload every week. For me I don’t really like Michel this year at all, I think you’re taking more of a risk keeping Freeman and Michel and hoping Freeman has a high end RB1 year and that Michel does anything relevant, than rolling with Melvin. He’s a stud.

Appreciate all the advice, gents! My RB depth is excellent which is why I’m even considering this. Should’ve mentioned that I have Burkhead sitting on the bench too. I wasn’t a big fan of holding two NE running backs.

I’d be fine with this trade. Gordon is going to get 320 touches. Freeman won’t get as much and Michel injury is a concern for me. Also, you already have Burkhead so no point owning both. You’ll never start them both so if you have good depth, I’d be fine paying for an upgrade to a top 8 RB.

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If you have Burkhead I would take the trade. It will save you a headache deciding who to start for NE!

If it’s redraft, it shouldn’t be a lot higher. Freeman is a legit stud as well. Badly, badly undervalued. If it’s dynasty, I do think that pushes it father to the Gordon side.

Gordon had almost 100 more rushing attempts last year, and nearly twice as many targets. Gordon is a workhorse who doesn’t share time with anyone ( I don’t consider Ekeler relevant ) and Freeman is in a slight committee with Coleman. It’s not close to me, but I respect your opinion.

All true (which is why I do have Gordon ahead of him), although playing 2 more games shifts that a bit. I just think last year is Freemans floor.

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Always trade for better player. Take gordon especially given you have Burkhead