Would you trade AP for Diggs? Team is inside

QB; Brees, Prescott
RB; Gurley, Freeman, Peterson, Crowell, Powell, McFadden
WR; Green, Cooper, Lee, Cobb, TyHill, Parker
TE; Engram

I don’t think I would, but if you aren’t a believer I would do it before this week that way you can get the most bang for your buck. I think it’s a fair trade and it would def bolster your wr core until Cooper pulls his head out.

I’d offer it but it’s doubtful the Diggs owner takes it. As someone who owned him last year and this year he’s a player I expected to miss 4 games due to injury with the knowledge that he’s a top 10 wr when in. The only ppl who would do it are either thin at RB or didn’t plan correctly at WR.