Would you trade away Mark Andrews for C.Godwin?

Im 1-3 in a 12 team standard league. Im in 9th place. I need depth when it comes to WRs. Mike Williams concerns me. I know Gullup should be fine. Should I trade away Mark Andrews for Chris Godwin? G. Kittle will be facing Arizona Cardinals twice going towards the 2nd half of the season which is week 9 and 11. So I need them wins to make it to the playoffs. Now, the owner of Chris Godwin is in 4-0 in first place. 2 time champion. He has D. Walker as his TE.

Should I offer this trade? Is there a better WR to target over C.Godwin when trading away Mark Andrews?

*bye weeks are next to players.

(11)QB- R. Willson
(7)RB- N. Chubb
(12)RB- D. Johnson
(10)WR- J. Edelman
(9)WR- R. Woods
(4)TE- G. Kittle -
(8)FLEX- Mark Andrew
(10)K. J. Elliot
(8)DEF- Ravens

(8)WR-M. Gullup gone for 2-4 weeks
(12)WR- Mike Williams back injury
(4)RB- Tevin Coleman didnt practice monday
(6)RB- T. Singletary - gone for 2-4 weeks
(10)RB- C. Thompson
(7) WR- Curtis Samuel

@MikeMeUpp is C.Godwin a decent trade for Andrews or can I get a way better WR for Andrews value?

In a second

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I feel Godwin is very good value, personally I wouldn’t trade Godwin away.

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I doubt you could get a better wr than Godwin with Andrews. If that offer is on the table, take it.

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The trade got rejected. He instead counter and is offering Tyler Boyd and Jaylen Samuels for Mark Andrews. Which will require for me to drop someone from my bench to make this trade happen if you guys think its a good one. If i have to drop someone, who should I drop?? Mike Williams? I think that would be my best bet.
@Sawtooth22 @albinoh @MikeMeUpp