Would you trade Chubb for L Bell

I am a relatively happy Chubb owner but worried about Browns play calling and potential Hunt impact. Hunt owner in my league has unreasonable trade demands. I could flip Chubb for L Bell. Upside: Bell already has had bye (though they play Patriots this week), Darnold is back and Jets play Steelers week 16. Downside: Chubb is great. The Jets are the Jets.


I’m happy to admit that I seem to be wrong about the Jets. I’ve been a hater for a long time but watching that game, it’s hard to deny the potential in that team. Spleen looked really good. Nice WR options, and pretty balanced.

But, as the game wore on I wondered where is Bell. I started to think he was injured at one point until I saw him come in at the end. Did I miss an injury? Are they doing some weird committee?

Chubb looked like “the Real Deal”, GO DAWGZ(:frowning:what a bummer there, huh? South Carolina???)
Another guy I dismissed because of his team, without taking his raw will and talent into account. If the Browns don’t lose their minds, I think Hunt can intangibly make Chubb better; rest, competition.

I’m curious of your opinion. Are you the Chubb owner?

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I am the Chubb owner. I realize it is totally risky and think I won’t venture down this path but when you check trade analyzers it’s really close. I wish I had Hunt.

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Hunt’s available in one of my leagues. Lots of potential. But Chubb is the only thing ‘not broken’ in CLE.

Andy Reid can make anyone look good. And Hunt proved he was a mongoloid when he beat up that woman in the casino.

KC backs don’t last long and disappear when they leave.

I think Chubb is safer, with Bell having higher upside

Lol I’m such a tard. How did I skim past the first line? Doh!

No worries! I am going to stick with Chubb. Appreciate the feedback.

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