Would you trade Collins for Mixon in Dynasty?

PPR I would offer Alex Collins plus 2019 1st Round for Joe Mixon. Smart or a waste? (Dynasty)

I don’t value Mixon over Collins and a first round pick. Heads up I would take Mixon, but I think giving up Collins and the pick is expensive.

I would do this trade immediately and never look back.

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I would do that and then try to trade for Dixon. Who many think takes the job eventually.

I would definitely do that

Now he wants Christian Kirk and a 1st for McKinnon and Moncrief.

@MikeMeUpp @DFWB

you would do that if you are the mixon owner or you would offer collins and the first?

I want the Mixon side

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For sure. Mixon has much higher upside than Collins.

I agree, thats a great trade for you.

Absolutely get the McKinnon and Moncrief side. Take the known talent over the guess work. While Moncrief did not work out too well, he also did not look horrible (looking not just at stats) and hard to say IND was a world-beater. In PPR McKinnon will be a great value.

I like Collins more than Mixon, FWIW. I know that might be a minority stance here.

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Mixon. I am not going to own any shares of collins.