Would you trade Devante Adams +

Okay so I’m struggling at qb, and a buddy is struggling at RB

I Got thielen, O’Dell, adams, and Boyd as my big boy Wr

I got Gordon, Hunt, Howard, Fournette as my big boy RBs

Would Devante Adams, Jordan Howard and Amari Cooper be a good trade for Michael Thomas And Drew Brees?? Or should I offer him O’Dell? And just flex Tyler Boyd this week since Adams is on bye

Corey Clement would be my replacement for Howard until Fournette comes back

Or could I get away with replacing Clement instead of howard

Who is your current QB? Also league settings, PPR? Non?

But to me, you trade offer seems fair. But I think it boils down to, who would you rather keep on your team, while also adding Thomas? Adams or Beckham? Adams has been on a tear and Beckham has been disappointing. If you keep Adams and ship out Beckham instead, you might be able to sell him on name/potential and not have to part with as much.

Although you have plenty of depth to part with Howard and Cooper has little value at the moment, but all the same…

My current qb is baker lol everyone but me rosters two QBs and one rosters three xD it’s slim Pickens

I think if the Brees owner goes for it then it’s definitely worth trying. You have enough depth at WR and RB to part with a couple. Like I said it kinda boils down to who you wanna part with. But to give up a Brees/Thomas stack you might have to sweeten your offer a little, as the value on Howard/Cooper are currently low. Unless he goes for Beckham… could always start low and see what he says.

Yeah his RBs are bad. It’s Austin ekler and Hines lol is a bad time for him

I definitely think I want Adams more lol O’Dell is meh and I got him for James white so I’m not super tied to him,

I offered him two trades

O’Dell, Howard and cooper
Odell, clement and Corey Davis