Would you trade for a D/ST?

I have Cincy’s D/ST and their schedule sets up nicely for the next several weeks: Colts, Jags, Titans, Broncos, Browns, Steelers and Bears are their opponents weeks 8 thru 14.

But I also have a couple of players I may need to drop to make room for a one-week TE pick up for Gronk’s bye week. I’ve been thinking of putting a couple players together to trade for the Jags’ D/ST. Their schedule is kind of a mixed bag, but looks juicy weeks 11-13.

Is it dumb to try to trade for any D/ST? I think my alternative is to drop one of these guys and muddle through with the Bengals.

Do not trade for a defense.

Hey man, I never have traded for a DST, but that shouldnt stop you. Points are points, and if you would have to drop a player anyway for a bye then might as well upgrade a position. I’d much rather upgrade a different position, like RB or WR, but definitely try to get something out of a tradeable asset instead of dropping them.

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I would just wait till they drop for the playoff run. Most teams will start to unload there rosters and make room for handcuffs etc.

What? So I just drop someone and keep an inferior D/ST?

I think that’s likely. Our league is shallow (8 teams), but a lot of people use their bench in a really weird way. We have at least 3 who keep 3 QBS, and about half have 2 D/STs and even some have 2 kickers. That has allowed me to get pretty deep at WR and RB, but makes pickings a little slim for the positions I’m used to streaming. But so far, so good, I guess, so I might as well ride Cincy for the time being and hope someone drops a better D/ST.

I have been streaming defenses all year, and it has worked out well. That seems to be an opinion shared by lots of fantasy experts that matchup plays the biggest factor in a fantasy defense scoring points. Seeing your other post that many teams have 3 qbs, multiple defense & kickers you should be set if you have loaded up your depth. Also seems that those people with multiple defenses wont be streaming so you should have your choice of streamable options. Just my perspective.

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f you can trade a couple guys who might not even crack your lineup ever, you might as well explore those options. a consistent D/ST can make a difference in the long run

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I did the same thing in my league this year and do every year… Week 9-10 if I’m looking playoff bound I pick up defenses that are good playoff time.

I traded rishard Matthews for the jags this week… I will never use rishard abd I got a playoff defense locked down…

So it may sound dumb to some but I like it week 9-10 when we’re starting to figure out what defenses are legitb… Weeks 1-8 it’s just a bunch of streaming.

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I hadn’t considered that point of view. In the past I had streamed all through the playoffs, but I think I may consider matchups coming down the end of the season

The funny thing is that I had the Jags for a few games. The first time I used them they got me -1 and I won that week by the skin of my teeth. Then I dropped them later when they played at Pittsburgh and, I think, that was their best game of the year. After that, someone else picked them up and I doubt he’ll drop them as he’s got Philly this week for the Jags’ bye. The Chiefs D/ST is available, but I’m not crazy about them like I would have been early on.