Would You Trade for a DEF?

Give: Marvin Jones
Get: Jax DEF

I feel like I have a lot of WR depth right now so not sure about this one.

WRs: Cooks, Sanders, Fuller, Marvin Jones, Corey Davis, Josh Gordon

Other choice is to drop Danny Woodhead for Detroit DEF

We just had a guy trade Detroit d and djax for Aj green. I personally don’t think defense is a must trade for there really hit or miss

wow, thats a HUGE win for the guy who got green. i know hes been down most of the season, but the potential is ridiculous compared to djax/detroit

Yea I vetoed it and said something because it was kinda weird him and his buddies made like 5 trades last 2 days and today he randomly gets green for djax and Detroit who he picked up off waivers. He’s the commissioner so I think something going on. But back to you if you feel you can survive without jones and really need a def if one in the waiver go for them if not I guess go for it