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Would You Trade for Hunt?


Who would you be willing to trade for Kareem Hunt and do you think he will last in KC?

I have Doug Martin in a dynasty league and I’m considering this trade if he will be an asset for a couple years. Thoughts?


I believe Hunt will be the feature back for years to come in KC including this season. Ware is likely going to be out for the entire year and really has no chance to get his job back next season. On the other hand, I do like Doug Martin this season as I believe he is going to have a nice comeback year. With this being said, I think this might be the time to make this trade while Martin still has some value. I would be interested to see some other people’s opinion on this one.


Absolutely, this is a good deal for you. I agree with @corey216 here, Martin is probably going have a big year, but there is also Jacquizz Rodgers. I don’t see it happening, but there’s small rumblings that there is some competition brewing. VERY small.
There is a little unknown with both of them, even they are both beasts. Martin’s health( right, what NFL player doesn’t have an injury risk) but some more than others. And Hunt is a rookie, will he be more reliable in that aspect.
With the “shelf life” of RB careers can be shorter than WR’s typically. You’re getting a fresh start with an absolute beast that is Kareem Hunt, and for dynasty purposes I would go through with it and get him.