Would you trade Fournette for Cook?

Full PPR, redraft. Should I trade Fournette and either Allison or Big Mike Williams for Dalvin Cook and Doug Baldwin? I am 2-3, and Cook possibly playing this week has me intrigued, though I would hate to make a deal and then Cook re-aggravates and is out for a long time again. Thoughts? Rest of my roster:


QB: Patrick Mahomes
RB: Sony Michel
RB: Alfred Morris (hopefully just this week, didn’t cost me anything)
WR: Davante Adams
WR: Juju Smith-Schuster
TE: Trey Burton
W/R/T: Josh Gordon
DEF: Houston (stream)
K: Justin Tucker
BN: Jared Goff
BN: Mike Williams
BN: Geronimo Allison
BN: Ronald Jones
BN: Matt Breida
BN: Leonard Fournette

I’d love to hear feedback on this too. I was also offered the same.

I feel that’s a no. I feel that Minnesota isn’t giving Cook enough time to recover but Jax is for Fournette. Unless you get a better offer, and if you can survive a couple more weeks, I would just hang tight with Fournette. You’ll probably be waiting with Cook since he will probably aggravate the hamstring again.
Make sense? I’m probably talking in circles.

…although I could use more RB depth, I think I found a bite for Fournette for Keenan Allen straight up.

I feel as though Cook is liklier to be back sooner, so in this case I would do it, because you need an rb2. I think Fournettes ceiling is higher, but Cook should be back sooner and be solid.

I am just not sure. I would love to get Cook (or any top 15-ish guy) into my lineup this week ahead of Alfred Morris. I tried to trade the Cook owner Breida and Geronimo for Cook straight up, but he wouldn’t bite. Should we be so certain that Cook will re-aggravate? Just because LF did it doesn’t mean that Dalvin will too. But who the hell knows, really. I just really don’t want to play Alf.

I am actually fine playing Alf this week, but I think Breida will be back next week and then its a committee on a bad offense. Breida will be a flex worthy play but Cook is an upgrade.

It has been getting further and further from a committee. Breida is clearly better and was dominating snaps over Alf. He is a very good player, just seems to get injured every week (though the previous two weeks he was able to return)

I know- the gamble of it all. My team is the hurt locker room

Just got traded for Brandon Cooks last week and he got leveled
Will Fuller

…so for me, trading for more possible hurt players isn’t appealing.

I would make this trade… let’s just put worst case scenario on the board. Say dalvin plays and gets injured there bye week is week 10. This is the same week that fournette will be coming back. Dalvin reinsures himself this game and sits out u til after his bye week and returns for week 11. Best case dalvin doesn’t get hurt and ur left with a talented back who catches balls out the backfield in a high powered offense that moves the ball and should have plenty of chances to score. This is a no brained to me given fournette basically ruled out until week 10. Also with it being ppr I like dalvin even better for u. As far as mike Williams or Allison I would go mike Williams with fournette in the deal, Allison could hold some value this year I look at big mike as a dynasty asset more then a single season asset.

Edit: all in all personally I accept this trade.


That’s a very interesting way of looking at it

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Yeah, I might go back and revisit that Cook offer again.
Thanks Tschatzz

Although I will say, Fournette’s bye is Week 9 while Dalvin’s is Week 10. So they’ll basically be back even that way right

Would you still do it if he would only do it with Geronimo in instead of Big Mike?

I would… he’s still giving u Baldwin and I do believe he is selling low on Baldwin… yes Baldwin is giving up work in the slot to Lockett and the Seahawks are running the ball around 55 or so percent of the time… don’t quote me on that but it’s around that area. I think they return to throwing the ball as in only a couple of teams maybe only one have finished a year with more rushing attempts then passing attempts. Baldwin is going to get his it just may take a little time.

Well now he’s getting cold feet because he’s just seeing the “Fournette might be out until week 10” news :confused:

I wouldn’t, I had both Fournette and Cook and chose to trade away cook instead of Fournette. Fournette’s offensive line and team are both really good and he will produce. Cook’s offensive line has looked really bad and has created no room to run. Thankfully Cook will catch passes but I don’t think he’ll be anywhere near where Fournette will be. Now if you can’t wait for week 10 for Fournette to come back then that’s another story.

I just hate to look at Alf in my RB2 spot this week lol