Would you trade hyde for michel? .5ppr

Its a pats RB but i know hyde may lose carries eventually.

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I like to side on the RB in an easier division on a higher scoring team. Hyde has some solid upside with the schedule for a few weeks, but NE is generally match up proof from Oct on.


Would u guys trade Hyde and Lewis for Mixon? Or swap Hyde with Lynch???

Mixon isn’t game scripted out since he is involved in the passing game. Lynch is more a sell high versus buy

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You’d rather have Hyde?

Over Lynch, yeah. If Oak gets behind Lynch goes missing. Hyde has a role all game and Clev is still a run 1st team.

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Whyd you post on mine and not make your own?

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Thanks for the help

Sorry dude we r all FFBallers here haha I’d say Michel just cuz he has a better offense and probably more chances to score but White has been amazing and Hyde has been pretty consistent when it comes to carrying the ball pretty much the whole game rather than splitting

Why do you think Hyde will lose carries eventually?

The low ypc and chubb

I’m not worried so much about that. Hyde will get the bulk of the carries until later in the season when Cle isn’t a playoff team. Then Chubb will start getting more volume. If Cle competes until the end, I think Hyde being the vet continues to get his healthy touches.

Cle defense seems to keep them in games which i like because it allows them to run.Do you like hyde over michel then rest of season?

I like Michel better, as he gets all the carries for NE O

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