Would you trade Kamara?

I have Hunt Kamara Elliot Henry M.Davis
My WR are Obj G.Allison Dede and Kirk,
Should I trade Kamara and A rob for Philip Lindsay and Adam Thieland???

Bump I need this knowledge lol

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WhenI first opened this I thought it was going to be something terrible. BUT as a Thielen owner I can tell you having an awesome floor and ceiling with Thielen is amazing.

What is the scoring system for your league?

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Because you’re stacked at RB I’d be willing to make the trade. Freeman’s high ankle sprain increases Lindsay’s value.

You’re new team’s default starters are:
WR: Thielen & OBJ
RB: Zeke & Hunt
Flex: Lindsay


WR: OBJ & G Allison
RB: Zeke & Kamara
Flex: Hunt

Both great teams but I’d personally take the new roster. Kamara is unlikely to see the video game numbers(at least on a consistent basis that he had in weeks 1-4). Imo the gap between Allison and Thielen is larger than the new gap between Kamara and Lindsay.

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He’s not biting on only A.Rob and I don’t blame him, should I swap Beckham and trade him?
It’d be
Kamara and Beckham
Thieland and Lindsay

NO! As a vikings fan and Thielen owner, DO NOT give up Kamara and OBJ for him. If i was the Thielen owner, I’d take it and run.

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No, I’m confident OBJ turns it around, he still has 30% target share and lots of red zone and end zone targets on top of that. OBJ is a peg below Thielan in my eyes primarily based on QB play.

Kamara is still a lot more valuable than Lindsay, as much as I love the little RB.

Yeah maybe I’m just hoping due to a trade I made to cash in on how low everyone is on OBJ right now.
But Kamara + OBJ is over paying.