Would you trade? (Kittle Cooks)

Hey footclan and bonjour from Germany,

Iam in a Full PPR redraft league, we drafted this week with a new guy in the league who is obviously a 49er fan. He already has Coleman and Breida and now he offers me his Brandin Cooks and O.J. Howard for my Kittle and Pettis.
For context my full team:
QB Kyler Murray
RB Aaron Jones
RB James White
WR Davante Adams
WR Tyreek Hill
TE George Kittle
FLEX Chris Goodwin
D/ST Bears
Jameis Winston
RBs David Montgomery, Darrell Henderson, D’Onta Foreman
WRs Jarvis Landry, Dante Pettis, Larry Fitzgerald, DK Metcalf

Now it’s your turn guys, would you
a) make this trade?
b) better try to get Mack instead of Cooks?

Iam thankful for all of your opinions!
Thanks and have a great day :slight_smile:

I would try to get a better player than Cooks. Maybe a RB like you said. I love Aron Jones and Im pretty sure hell be a stud this year, but we still dont know how the carries will split out in GB and James White might see regression.

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I think going for Mack makes way more sense to me as that would give you a lot more stability at RB and your WR is already stacked even if you do lose Pettis. If James White regresses even a little, and if Aaron Jones ends up more in a RBBC (both a good possibility) you might be struggling to find two decent starting backs.

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But you think the trade would be worth it with mack instead of cooks?
Would you take it?

Feeling the same, there was early RB run after my first two picks. Not super unhappy with my RBs but they are my week point for sure.
Would you make the trade with mack instead of cooks?

Yeah I think I would. Losing Kittle hurts but I think Mack and the colts are going to be an offensive machine and you’ve still got enough WR depth. I think Pettis might end up a player who sits on your bench behind the other guys so if you can shop him around for some RB that doesn’t involve you losing Kittle that might be ideal, but I’d go for that trade. Anyone else disagree?

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I would do it with Mack too. And Howard could have a big big big season.

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I’m gonna join the echo chamber and say do the trade for mack instead of cooks. you’re stacked at WR and hurting at RB, and the tier drop from Kittle to Howard doesn’t make sense for a WR you’d use as a flex or to cover injuries/byes, but it does for a RB you’d start every week.

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I wouldn’t do it. Kittle is TE #1 by a long shot I’m my book. Kelce is older now than Gronk was last year. Shanahan loves to hyper-target his best player reguardless of position. That person is Kittle. TEs also usually have a huge jump from year 2 to year 3. Kittle is almost a 1st rounder for me and Kelce is a 3rd.

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Love you Footclan, thanks a lot so far, really like discussion!
He just send me another possible trade, so now I could choose between :

Howard <> Kittle
Mack <> Pettis


Howard <> Kittle
Connor/Mack <> Pettis
Westbrook <> Fitzgerald

I just don’t know what to think of connor this year. He helped me last mid season a lot to get a Championship title in the end but not sure how to rank him this year with all this talk around him and AB missing to draw attention.

Would you guys rather that this trade then the first one? And rather Connor or Mack?

Thanks again for all of your opinions, you’re helping me a lot!

I love Kittle too, that’s why I took him, but he wasn’t as good when JimmyG was still there (is it gonna change this year now that they and the other teams know how good his can be?) and I ended up with a bit much uncertainty at RB.
Carry split and targets for RBs in GB
Rookie Season for Montgomery
Foggy RB situation in NE (like every year)
Will Henderson get volume in LA

I like all of my RBs this year, but Mack would give me some good stable predictability at RB in my opinion, that’s why this offer make me think so much about…

I’d go Connor over Mack, Pittsburgh has historically been about as stable as it gets and Mack is more prone to injury


Id keep Kittle…take Mack… good luck!

Cooks > Mack for sure. In terms of the trade, it’s pretty fair for you. I would rather have Howard and COoks than Kittle and Pettis.

Especially cause you have Winston so that stack is going to pay off pretty huge. Which brings up my second point, you’re starting Winston over Murray most weeks.