Would you trade M. Lynch for P. Rivers?

Here is my team.
A. Luck
TY. Hilton
D. Johnson
J. Connor
T. Burton
L. Miller
K. Johnson

R. Freeman
P. Barber
M. Lynch
K. Stills
K. Cole
A. Callaway
J. Winston

12 team league…full ppr

Been getting killed by Luck and it doesn’t look like Winston is starting anytime soon.

That’s a solid lineup for a 12 team league. Looks like RB is set even if you let Marshawn go. Not sure what other options you have on the waiver wire but getting Rivers for a piece you don’t particularly need sounds good to me.

Thanks…I thought it was solid also but I am 1-2 right now and only 9th in points scored. Really need help at QB and TE. Not much on the waivers. Tanehill is the only decent one out there. Trying to get him tomorrow.

I’d personally hang on to Lynch in case Conner has to cede the starting role to Bell or things in Arizona continue to crumble. If you can get Tannehill or someone like him without giving up Lynch (and Winston is totally droppable, though you might consider dropping Callaway first if you like Winston’s prospects to play at some point - he does have crazy weapons in the event he does get the starting role back) then you should just do that. I don’t think Rivers will end up with a season that much better than Luck anyway. Lynch is good insurance for you.