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Would you trade Mark Ingram for Matt Ryan? Trade happening now!


I have Brady on bye next week and 4 players in my division are tied with a 5-4 record (including me). My team consists of:

Brady, gurley, kupp, tyler boyd, chubb, howard

bench: fitz, Malcom brown, dez


Seems like it’s paying too much, might just be better to stream


the best stream right now is bortles haha. this league keeps a lot of qb’s are their bench especially later in the season. I don’t think i’d plan to play ingram too much considering Kamara is taking all the goaline work.

all in all, you wouldn’t trade away ingram?


I wiuld trade him, I’m okay with that, but I’d try to package him with a wr to upgrade a wr to a wr rich, rb needy team. Matt Ryan is doing great. But most of his games have been at home in a dome, falcons are notoriously not the same away outside and on turf. Now. That being said I’m a falcons fan so I hope matt Ryan can keep it up all the way, or our defense takes a leap forward with Deion Jones returning and the Bruce Irvin signing.
If matt Ryan can keep up the pace it wouldn’t be a bad trade. But try and trade Brady away or something. You’d just have too much invested at qb. Try to take Brady on name value to another owner and upgrade to pay Mahomes or someone with a secondary peice.


right exactly what I was thinking! another team HAS to start mullens (im a niners fan) and I feel bad for him. I may try to send brady over that way after his bye week is done. thanks for your input!