Would you trade Marshawn and Gore for Ty Montgomery?

Im trying to get Ty Montgomery and seeing what two for one I can offer. My first offer was Marshawn and Chris Carson for Ty. Should I counter with Marshawn and Gore if he says no to the first offer?

i would take montgomery in both of those two trades so yes id offer them, if he accepts you won that

I would, especially in 1/2 or full PPR.

It’s standard

Who else do you have it running back?

My RB’s are: Elliott, Marshawn, Gore, Doug Martin, and Chris Carson. I would assume to start Zeek and Ty Montgomery every week. You think I would thin my self out if I trade 2 RB’s for Ty?

That’s a little rough, Elliott may be gone in three weeks for a six week vacation, Doug is a bit of a question mark as it is Carson (sucky line and Rawls is still lurking). Marshawn isn’t a big yardage guy but he’s on a high-scoring offense and there will be plenty of opportunities for him to punch it in the end zone.

I have the option to trade Ted Ginn for McFadden just in case but I’m not to excited bout that one