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Would you trade Melvin Gordon for 2 50s picks in Keeper league?


This is a 12 team 2 QB league with one keeper that trades picks before the season starts. I picked up Melvin Gordon in the 7th round last year and I recently received an offer of picks 50 and 51 for Gordon and 150th pick. Would you guys take this offer?

Melvin Gordon and 150th pick


Picks 50 and 51


Personally, I wouldn’t do that. Melvin Gordon doesn’t have very much mileage, he will be an RB1 for a while unless he gets hurt.


Same thing I was thinking.


Melvin Gordon is going in the first round in a lot of mocks I am doing. Having him for a 7th is a steal and can lead to you potentially taking both your QB’s before the 7th round depending on how the draft goes.


Totally agree Anthony, thanks for your input.


As I believe it was Jason once said, this is the kind of trade offer I would leave in my inbox and just not even acknowledge. Offering you 2 fifth round picks for a first round pick is a slap in the face. Add in the fact that the first round pick only costs you your 7th round is borderline insanity. The owner who sent this trade to you should be ashamed of him/herself.


I agree with “a slap in the face”. Politely but firmly ask the presenter of this offer to see himself out.