Would you trade Mike Evans?

The offer on the table is Mike Evans and David Montgomery for Kerryon Johnson and Chris Godwin?

Format is Dynasty, what do you think?

KJ is a win over Monty. but is Godwin going to amount to anything special in the long run? I don’t know. Evans will produce like a machine in an Arians’ offense. Figure you have 2 more years of high productivity from Evans.

I’m keeping Evans and Montgomery here. Evans has the chance to be a monster in that offense for the next several years. David montogmery has a good shot at taking the role left by Howard.

this trade is WR1, RB2 for RB 1/2 WR 2

Kerryon & Godwin are both projected to make the leap but still unconfirmed at this time

Montgomery is project to have simliar work load to kerryon (swap carries vs catches) but Evans worst fantasy finish was 17-18 season and he had 71/1001/5 …rather have that safe base line when the other player is unknown commodity.

For me mike Evans is the biggest piece of the trade. Montgomery and kerryon over next few years ought to be close, evans over Godwin I think will be much larger. I’d want the Evans Montgomery side

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in any format im keeping evans and monty. better WR, and a RB that has every chance to be as good or better than kerryon. and im a huge kerryon guy.

Evans/Montgomery side for me. It is not a huge difference IMHO, but I think that is the better option. Having said that, I would not be super bummed with the KJ/Godwin. So there really is not a ‘bad’ side of this.

If you have a player you like best of the four, chose that side.