Would you Trade Patterson for

10 Team PPR

Would you trade

C. Patterson ATL RB


T. Sermon SF RB


And please, AxeElf do no respond to this

What’s the rest of your roster? In a vacuum I probably don’t, 49ers RBs are a full mess, stashing Jeff Wilson may be the best okay to be honest.

No assurances Sermon clears concussion protocol and he’ll be even further behind in the depth chart by then, he looks a little Dante Pettit esq. draft capital sure, just not going to cut it under Kyle.

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My RBs are

Elliott DAL
Pollard DAL
Harris PIT
Montgomery CHI
Jones II TB
Dillon GB
Patterson ATL
Hasty SF (on IR Spot)

Allen LAC
Kupp LAR
Davis NYJ
Meyers NE
Fuller V MIA (on IR spot)
Jeudy DEN (on IR spot)

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You’re pretty deep at RB, I’d maybe go after a WR, maybe improve your WR3 or take Harris and see if you can level up at RB?

I think Sermon is a sideways trade and I don’t think he’ll ever pan out well enough to crack your line up.

Maybe see how the JT, Kamara, Barkley owners are feeling. Depending on their rosters they might show interest, they likely aren’t winning either.

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Just received an offer of Conner and Tim Patrick for Patterson, might do that one

If you believe in Connor then I’d take it, Patrick is safe too.

Edmonds is the RB to have in AZ now but Connor is getting touches and on a high powered offense I’d rather him than Patterson.

I’d still shop around though, you can always take that offer if you can’t get better.

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