Would you trade RB-A.Gibson for WR-C.Davis?

12 Team Half Point PPR. Im 2-0 in the league.

My squad

QB- Drew Brees
RB- E.Elliot Bye week 10
RB- A.Jones Bye week 5
WR- C.Ridley Bye week 10
WR- R.Woods Bye week 10
TE- M.Andrews Bye week 8
WR- K.Cole Bye week 7
K- J.Elliot Bye week 9
D - Patriots Bye week 6


WR- C. Claypool Bye Week 8
RB- A.Gibson Bye week 8
RB. T. Pollard Bye week 10
WR- M. Gallup Bye Week 10
D- Patriots Bye Week 6

Waivers Rbs,

A. Peterson
S. Michel
Duke Johnson
L. Murray

I would keep Gibson. Also, I would pick up david johnson as soon as possible.

it was duke johnson, my bad. I changed it. Yeah I have no choice than to reject the trade

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