Would you trade Shady for AJ Green?

The full trade is Shady and Tyrell Williams for Green and Jerrick McKinnon. My other RBs are Gordon, Latavius Murray (picked up to replace Dalvin Cook) and James White. My WRs are where things get sad. I have Amendola, Snead, Crowder, Jaron Brown (just picked up), Moncrief and Paul Richardson. This is a full PPR league. Thanks in advance for your help!

Ouch man…deep league I take it? That said I do like Jaron Brown this week and when Luck gets back I like Moncrief. Like Amendola as long as he stays healthy. Tyrell is serviceable… As much as I LOVE me some AJ Green, I think this deal is basically just moving pieces around because you are hamstringing yourself at RB to improve at WR with a stud for stud move and I just think RB is so much harder to come by consistent looks/carries…So I personally wouldn’t do this deal.

Definitely not. Rbs are gold!

Yeah, that’s what I’m struggling with. I originally wanted to draft AJ Green and the next best player was McCoy. My concern is that he’s not really doing much and there’s always the injury risk.

There is always that fear but this trade doesn’t help you if Shady gets hurt…McKinnon isn’t going to fill in for him…ya know? Much easier to shuffle WR’s…I would need at least another startable RB back in the deal to do it.

I would take it. You already have Gordon who is a stud. Youu can find another RB in the waiver or count on Murray because I think people are sleeping on him this year. AJ is a stud WR and you need it. My other suggestion is try and get Aj and a better RB for McCoy and Williams. Also McCoy hasn’t looked nearly as good as he did last year.

Full disclosure: This is a trade with my son. I’m trying my best to not take advantage of him. He doesn’t have any other RBs of value. I think he only drafted AJ because he knew I wanted him. :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t pulled the trigger yet because I hate to get rid of McCoy. It just feels like he’s always leaving the field because he’s hurt.

I’m still reeling a little bit because I lost Dalvin Cook. As a Vikes fan and a FF owner, I’m really hoping Murray does something. The only reason I’m remotely interested is to see what McKinnon does now that Cook is out.