Would you?

I give up Jordy, Parker, Ellington

I get Benjamin and Chris Thompson

WR Hogan, Ginn, Sanu, Richardson
Rb ajayi, kelley, Montgomery, gore

I don’t believe in Benjamin, and I feel like Chris Thompson shouldn’t be able to keep up his ridiculous production in his small role. I would look for a different offer, but then again, that’s just me.

I wouldn’t.

keep who you got for now! There could be HUGE improvement out of the bye week for GB.

Kelvin Benjamin or Travis Benjamin?

If it’s Kelvin Benjamin, I’d be inclined to do it. But doing a 3 for 2 trade, do you know who you might fill that spot with off the waiver wire?

Kelvin. I would ask to throw in maybe schcuster or Jordan Mathews? Waiver wire is junk 12 man league pretty competitive. I’m tied for 4th and have the tie breaker with points scored.

If you can get another player like that added, it’s better. I’m just worried about all those GB receivers, but I suppose you’d still have to consider Jordy the best player in that deal. However, it’s a big upgrade at RB. I listen to a lot of Redskins talk and I think Thompson has solidified his role and will only see more use, especially now that Cousins has heated up.

I would not do this trade. I think the name value of Jordy will allow you to get a better offer.

  1. Benjamin is on an offense that’s not entirely predictable in Carolina. He’s a decent wr 2 but heck you already have Hogan Jordy and Parker. Trade Jordy for a solid WR2, a Jordy Truth-er will take the offer.
  2. Kirk Cousins is throwing it to everyone man, Thompson will probably have a few more 15-20 points game but not weekly. You can’t depend on him as an every week flex, Kirk is just spreading the ball way too much.

Thus, avoid the trade and find that Jordy truther in your league :slightly_smiling_face:

Forget to mansion I have cousins thought it might be a nice little stack