WOW. KC is holding their own vs LAC

I know it’s still early but all the projections and articles had Alex Smith sucking this week. So far he ain’t doin’ too bad. GRRRR:worried:

yea super pumped I sat Tyreek Hill in 2 leagues…

Yep. Showing 16 pts so far in our PPR league. LOL…the guy who’s got him in my league has him sitting this week too. FFB can sure suck sometimes LOL. I sat Alex this week over Cousins.

Yuuup, bench for me too haha. Hope I’m not wrong keeping D. Adams in with Aaron throwing

Hopefully Arod spreads it around enough so Jordy and ADams both outscore Hill. In fairness so far it is 1 catch for Hill

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And now for the LAC showdown!!! LOL

Dammit!!! Dammit!!! Dammit!!!

I played Hill and Hunt and felt bad about it… Feeling better right now. Playing against Henry and Gordon in this game. So, I am now a BIG KC fan.

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Well…as I stated above I sat Alex this week over Cousins!!!:rage:

Did so per ALLLLLL the “expert” advice!!! DAMMIT, DAMMIT, DAMMIT!!!

I’m playing Cousins as well… So, right there with you!

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I would have sat Smith as well against the Chargers

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LOL…SMH…have I mentioned lately that I HATE, HATE, HATE FFB??? LOLOL

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you hate FFB? I missed the playoffs in a league becuase I lost 5 straight to end the season with all my players underperforming. Had the highest score in the league last week and currently projected as second highest this week ( i know a little early to go on that). But there is a good chance had I made the playoffs I would be in the championship game…

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ROFL @Badgertrav I know. I barely made it into the Play Offs then lost in the first round. I’m sitting at 3rd in our 10-team league in points!!! And looking like I might take the this week and the next. Imagine that for a “slap in the face” LOL.

For the record…I’m just venting. I’m soooo addicted to FFB I’d be lost without it. Just really, really, really HATING IT AT THIS MOMENT!!! LOL

@NewtonINTolerant…TY buddy. At least I don’t feel so stupid.!!!

@Badgertrav right there with you man…at least I might win the consolation bracket!

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LOL…I feel your pain buddy!!! I sat Smith this week over Cousins. Because…ALLLLLL the top “EXPERTS” said to!!! SMH!!!:roll_eyes: