WR 10 team standard league

Michael Crabtree was dropped in my league, should i drop Kelvin Benjamin, Sammy Watkins, Alshon Jeffery, or Will Fuller for him? My Starters are Tyreek Hill and Doug Baldwin

My backs are Melvin Gordon, Kareem Hunt, Royce Freeman, and Matt Breida(I lost Mckinnon)…Should i instead drop one of these WRs for someone like Chris Thompson, Duke Johnson, Blount, or Aaron Jones?

To me Kelvin Benjamin is droppable. Bills are better off playing with an armless quarterback

I was thinking the same thing, the only reason KB is on my bench would be volume being their number one but Buffalo seems like a mess. Crabtree is their number one and i think will get the volume. Thanks

I know that Sammy and Alshon have both been disappointing in different ways, but you can’t drop either for Crabtree. They are in both in good situations and have too much talent / upside to be dropped in favor of Crab, a wiley but aging WR who is catching passes from an aging Joe Flacco.

I also think we don’t know who Will Fuller is, yet. He certainly couldn’t sustain what he was doing with Watson last year, but that’s a part of his achievements and so it seems he’d be worth holding on to.

Benjamin is the odd man out here, a B minus at best compared to these B pluses.

I’d rather have Crab than Benjamin, but I’d also rather have Alshon and Sammy than Crab or Benjamin.