WR 2 - Diggs or Boyd

What do you think the new OC does with the Vikings?

I know Fins top DB isn’t playing, but lots of rumors of going run heavy. I am starting D. Cook at flex. Does anyone think Boyd versus Oakland might end up being a better play than Diggs? I’m not sold on a starting line up with two Vikes (Diggs-Cook) and two Rams (Gurley-Cooks) but I can’t see sitting either Ram this week.

Also, Denver D vs. Browns or Balt D vs. TB?

Boyd as wr2. keep cook.
Oakland d is trash. that game is also going to be suprising high scoring, since both sides have decent players but garbage defense.

Defense wise i go denver. as good as baltimore is, a fast paced game with a QB who loves his TE, against a d who had been poor against TE on the year says no go to baltimore

Vikes are at home, got new oc, and have a fairly easy matchup especially with cousins looking to redeem himself. Diggs has been a target machine and imo much safer and higher upsideplay than boyd.

Diggs only six targets per game last two weeks and add to that new OC wanting to run more. I’m just concerned it’s a Adam T type game as Miami struggles against the slot. So do the Raiders but eh, Cousins > than Driskel. Man I hate overthinking stuff like this but it’s impossible not to.


When coaches say they wanna do soenthing that doesnt mean anything. Look at davidJohnson. Nothing has changed.

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Not to mention the Vikings have a blow up spot here. Theilen had 7 targets last week

Good call on the blow up.

Boyd and Diggs are virtually even. Went with Diggs and Cook and am happy. Cook already has 100 scrimmage yards and a score.

And now one pick six when they could have went up 28-0 and Cousins can do nothing right.

I guess with it being close they keep play hard so that’s good, but Diggs and Cook have done nothing since that moment.

Sucks having Boyd as my WR2 and left the game with a knee injury…

Yeah. I wonder how bad it is. Any updates?

Its a low grade MCL Sprain, total bummer!

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Yep. If OBJ doesn’t come back next week to be my WR2 i’ll be doing a full waiver hail mary. I’m basically putting in 6 claims as a final roster over-haul just in case.